Hi! I’m Mary  

30’s | agender | therapist | spouse | mom (human, dog, and three cats)

I’ve had my head in the clouds since I was a wee laddie but most of my recorded work dates back to around 2001 when I was a middle schooler. I’m character-driven and some of my OC’s are 20 years old now. I would generally describe the scope of my work as romantasy. When I was younger, I had lots of darker themes in my work, but these days I like to focus on tender stories of characters that blaze through hardships by being vulnerable with each other and fostering their unique gifts.

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This anchor page is the best space to view my introspective self-portrait series, Emotia. The series began in 2014 inadvertently enough, and now includes 8 digital paintings that have contributed significantly to developing my emotional landscape.

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